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Reliable and effective alarm systems are a critical component in a comprehensive fire protection solution. The proper design and installation of alarm systems includes consideration for notification appliance requirements, correct circuit design and successful interface with Fire Alarm Control Panels (FACP's). Experience with all configurations of alarm systems and FACP's allows F.E. Moran Special Hazard Systems to expertly install and service alarm systems that will function properly in the event of a fire while minimizing cumbersome false alarms.

Notification Devices - Proper Application for Effective Notice

  • Audible notification appliances - F.E. Moran is familiar with the evacuation alarm and decibel requirements set forth in NFPA 72, ensuring that all audible notification appliances such as horns and speakers are in compliance with industry standards
  • Visible notification appliances - requirements such as light intensity, flashing rates and the synchronization of multiple devices must be considered in order to properly implement visible notification appliances
  • Proper placement of notification devices - appliances must be strategically positioned so that they can overcome ambient sound or be sufficiently visible
  • Annunciator panels - proper configuration of annunciator panels allows for the display of the zone and floor in which a device was actuated, allowing the location of the fire to be pinpointed accurately

Circuits - Designing Reliable Circuits to Deliver Critical Signals

  • Initiating device circuits (IDC) - initiating devices send a signal to the FACP that identifies an alarm but does not identify the specific device that has been actuated
  • Notification appliance circuits - when an initiation device alarm signal is received the NAC module shifts from the supervision circuit to the signal power circuit
  • Signaling line circuits - numerous input and output signals of multiple fire alarm systems, transmitters or devices can send addressable signals to the FACP

FACP's - Implementing Panels that Successfully Manage Fire Protection Systems

  • Experience with hardwired panels - F.E. Moran has a wealth of experience working with hardwired panels and effectively connecting them to groups of similar devices
  • Integrating addressable systems - through the use of signaling line circuits, the FACP can communicate with all of the input devices, such as intelligent smoke detectors and addressable pull stations
  • Effective wiring schemes for volatile environments - rugged alarm devices that are installed in harsh environments are wired to an interface module in a controlled environment which then connects to the FACP for an intelligent panel


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