Combined Cycle Plants

Harry Allen Generating Station - 484 MW Natural Gas Fired 2 on 1 Combined Cycle Generating Plant

FE Moran took over installation of fire protection systems provided by the combustion turbine supplier and worked with the local AHJ to permit systems for the client.

Harry AllenLocation: Las Vegas, NV
Constructor: Shaw Group Inc.
Owner: NV Power
Date: May 2010 - March 2011
Scope: Installed fire protection, alarm and detection systems for new combined cycle plant at the existing peaking power plant site, including:

  • Electrically Actuated Deluge Systems:
    Lube oil tank, seal oil skid, coal dust collectors and pulverizers
  • CO2 Systems for combustion turbine enclosures
  • Dry Pipe System for the turbine underfloor
  • Preaction Systems for the turbine bearings
  • Dry Standpipe System for the turbine building
  • Fire Alarm and Detection throughout plant facilities

Edwardsport IGCC: 618 MW Cleaner-Coal Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle Generating Plant  

This new technology and plant construction presented F.E. Moran with the opportunity to use new design and installation techniques for the special hazards of a gasification plant.

EdwardsportLocation: Knox County, Indiana
Constructor: Duke Energy - Bechtel
Date: January 2007 - August 2012
Scope: FE Moran provided a variety of alarm, detection and suppression systems throughout the plant:

  • Dry Pipe Systems for the turbine building
  • Fire Hose Stations for the turbine building
  • Deluge Water Spray Systems:
    Main and auxiliary transformers and cooling tower
  • Pre-Action Water Spray Systems:
    Turbine bearings and lube oil piping
  • Fire Alarm and Detection Systems:
    Smoke and heat detectors, hydrogen sulfide sensors, oxygen sensors, as well as ammonia, chlorine, methane, and carbon monoxide detection systems throughout the plant


Bartow Repower: 800 MW Combined-Cycle Power Plant

This facility was installing a natural gas burning combined-cycle unit which demanded an experienced fire protection solution provider who could implement a solution within a rigid timeframe.

BartowLocation: St Petersburg, FL
Construction Manager: TIC
Owner: Progress Energy
Date: Dec 2007 - Sep 2009
Scope: Installed fire protection, alarm and detection systems for new equipment within existing power plant. Project included:

  • Preaction System for STG bearings
  • Wet Pipe Systems:
    Lube oil module, hydraulic oil module, lube oil piping, and equipment area under the turbine pedestal and platforms
  • Valve enclosures for the systems
  • Class I Standpipe in steam turbine area
  • Manual AFFF Low-Expansion Foam Systems for two 3.5M gallon fuel oil tanks
  • Pull Stations, Detection and Associated Fire Alarm Panels throughout the plant

Cane Island Unit 4: 300 MW Natural Gas Combined Cycle Generating Station 

FE Moran provided a wide array of fire protection systems for a new unit within the plant as well as successfully replacing the main fire alarm panel within a three-day time frame to meet the customer's needs.

Cane IslandLocation: Intercession City, FL
Construction Manager: Zachry
Owner: Florida Municipal Power Agency (100%)
Operator: Kissimmee Utility Authority
Date: March 2010 - Feb 2011
Scope: Installed fire protection, alarm and detection systems for new unit within existing power plant, including:

  • Preaction System for STG bearings
  • Deluge Systems for ST lube oil skid
  • Valve Enclosures for the systems
  • Foam-Water System for ST oily area beneath operating floor
  • Fire Alarm Annunciating Panel that incorporates Unit 3, Unit 4 alarm signals, and incorporates space for future Unit 5
  • Pull Stations, Detection and Associated Fire Alarm Panels throughout the plant

Fox Energy Center: 560MW Combined-Cycle Power Plant

This project required an aggressive schedule. FE Moran SHS was the only firm capable of mobilizing on site within three weeks of the project award.

Location: Kaukauna, WI
Constructor: Calpine Corporation
Owner: Fox Energy Center LLC
Date: October 2004 - October 2005

  • Wet Foam Systems:
    Ground floor turbine, mezzanine floor turbine
  • Wet Pipe System for Boiler Feed Pump Enclosure
  • Preaction System for STG bearings
  • Foam System:
    Fuel oil storage tanks and foam hose system
  • Deluge System:
    Lube oil skid, GSU transformers, auxiliary transformer, isolation transformer, hydrogen seal oil
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Stand Pipe Systems




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