Are Your Fire Protection Systems in Compliance with Industry Standards?

Achieving compliance with standards set forth by the NFPA, insurance underwriters and corporate policies is challenging. F. E. Moran Special Hazard Systems has in-depth knowledge of current industry standards, helping facilities become compliant through accurate interpretation and application of the requirements.

Employing Proven Inspection and Testing Processes to Achieve Industry Compliance 

  • Using unparalleled knowledge to meet requirements - with extensive knowledge of industry standards and employees who participate in NFPA code committees, F.E. Moran can determine the best way to keep facilities in compliance with industry and corporate standards
  • Streamlined processes - the methods used by F.E. Moran have evolved over time into efficient and effective processes that encompass all of the critical aspects of inspection and testing
  • Successful track record with AHJ's and insurance companies - F.E. Moran has a wealth of experience working with AHJ's and insurance companies throughout the country and understand the measures that facilities must take to meet specific requirements
  • Instant access to testing and inspection documentation - all documentation is readily available to plant staff via the web with F.E. Moran's secure client portal, making it easier to order spare parts, review reports and have information readily available for corporate or insurance audits
  • Post-inspection summaries - corporate or risk management can better assess system condition and support long-range planning



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