As one of the leading design-build fire protection companies in the industry, F.E. Moran Special Hazard Systems prides itself on producing high-quality

engineering and design of fire protection

 designs that translate into reliable fire protection systems. Through the utilization of the most current design methodologies and advanced technology, F.E. Moran designs systems that thrive in any environment to protect people, plant and production.

Designing Reliable Systems - Expertise for Implementation in Any Environment

  • Designing within complex environments - F.E. Moran can effectively design within congested areas that are riddled with obstructions and deep beam pockets such as turbine areas
  • Utilizing cutting-edge technology - the most advanced AutoCAD-based 3D modeling applications are used to design sophisticated systems with unparalleled precision
  • Customized designs - every plant has a unique layout and challenges and F.E. Moran's designs are all completely customized to function optimally within each individual environment
  • Working within tight timeframes - F.E. Moran's knowledgeable designers have the experience to produce accurate designs quickly to stay on track with timelines
  • Compliance with industry standards - all designs are created in alignment with the most current industry standards and can be configured to conform with individual corporate requirements
  • Complex calculations - proficiency in conducting intricate schematics such as fluid delivery calculations


3D Design - Transformer Fire Protection System





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