Emergency Communication

In the event of a fire in a power generating or chemical plant, it is critical that inhabitants of the facility are informed of the situation and provided clear instructions to protect their well-being. The best method for conveying these messages is achieved through integrating an emergency communication system with the facility's Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP).

Instant Communication for Life Safety

  • Immediate activation from the FACP - when integrated with an FACP, a qualified event can automatically send a signal to a transmitter, instantly initiating communication throughout the facility
  • Multiple layers of notification - text messages, emails, emergency pages and LED display messages can be automatically generated upon activation of an emergency communication system for redundant notification
  • Intelligible communication- emergency communication systems are capable of delivering clear, concise communication, either through pre-recorded messages or live from an operator
  • Wireless systems - utilizing a wireless emergency communication system simplifies installation and saves conduit and cable costs
  • All encompassing communication - F.E. Moran Special Hazard Systems can strategically install speakers throughout the facility and in outdoor areas for comprehensive communication




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