Fire Water Supply

Although fire water supply is an integral part of any water-based suppression system, many contractors often do not have the expertise to provide this segment of a fire protection solution. A solution provider must have extensive knowledge about specialized connections and system elements such as thrust blocks forces and PIV valves and must be capable of working with extreme pressure applications that could result in water hammers if not designed and installed correctly.

Underground - Expert Pre-Planning and Execution

  • Installation in accordance with industry standards - F.E. Moran Special Hazard Systems is familiar with the NFPA 24 Standard for Private Service Mains, ensuring that all underground work is completed in compliance with requirements
  • Thorough pre-planning for risk mitigation - the risks associated with digging in the vicinity of hazardous materials, excavation safety and high pressure water supplies demands a high level of precautionary planning to ensure plant safety
  • Expertise in specialized equipment - implementing equipment such as post indicator valves (PIV's), control valves, thrust blocks and properly restraining pipe requires a high degree of skill and engineering, of which F.E. Moran is highly capable
  • Strategic material selection - soil condition, pump type, water source and levels of corrosion in the environment are all factors in determining the type of materials that should be used in a particular application
  • Ability to work with all types of system material - F.E. Moran has experience with all types of piping materials including cast iron, ductal iron, high density polyethylene (HDPE), PVC and reinforced fiberglass
  • Underground water supply system evaluation service - F.E. Moran provides several underground water supply system services:  system evaluations, leak detection, flushing, hydrotesting, flow testing,and hydrant and valve repair and replacement.

Fire Hydrants and Monitors - In-Depth Knowledge for Proper Implementation

  • Training facilities for proper usage - improper usage of hydrants and monitors often results in damage to equipment, F.E. Moran can instruct facilities about correct utilization for optimal functionality
  • Knowledge of specialized equipment - F.E. Moran understands the specialized tools associated with hydrants and monitors such as dry barrels for drainage and utilizing high pressure hydrants to meet plant requirements
  • Expertise to fully service hydrants and monitors - many contractors do not have the breadth of knowledge to work with hydrants and monitors, F.E. Moran has the expertise to repair, replace and maintain this equipment

Fire Pumps and Tanks - Peak Performance for Critical System Components

  • Ensuring the functionality of vital equipment - functional fire pumps and tanks are essential to maintaining a fire protection system's operation; F.E. Moran understands the complex requirements of this equipment
  • Proper testing processes - pressurizing equipment has to be properly configured for testing and must follow specific testing procedures to be conducted correctly
  • Experience with all varieties of equipment - there is a wide variation in the type and size of fire pumps and tanks, F.E. Moran has worked with all varieties, including: steam, diesel, electric and natural gas

Standpipe and Hose - Designing and Calculating Systems in Accordance with Industry Requirements

  • Designing combination standpipe and sprinkler systems - F.E. Moran understands the integration requirements for standpipes in sprinklered and non-sprinklered areas
  • Accurate hydraulic calculations - experienced design technicians can perform precise hydraulic calculations to ensure adequate water supply
  • Adherence to NFPA 14 - F.E. Moran's design and installation teams are well-versed in the Standard for the Installation of Standpipe and Hose Systems, ensuring that standpipes and hoses are in compliance with industry standards



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