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First Quarter 2012

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The quantity and quality of the water supply to plant fire protection systems has been receiving an increased level of scrutiny by insurance underwriters in recent months. The underwriters know that fire water supply is a critical element of fire protection systems in power generating facilities and chemical processing plants. Facilities can take relatively easy measures to ensure that there is sufficient water supply so that systems can function as intended in the event of a fire.

The article below provides information about the risks associated with insufficient fire water supply and how to test the supply to maintain adequate resources.



Daryl Bessa

F.E. Moran Special Hazard Systems


Does Your Plant Have Adequate Fire Water Supply?

Gradient flowThe issue of fire water supply was one that formerly was not a high priority for most power generating plants or industrial processing facilities. However, this aspect of fire protection has recently become a point of focus for many insurance underwriters, which has consequently elevated its importance to these facilities.

Properly maintaining a fire protection system within a power generating or industrial processing facility involves diligent testing, inspection and maintenance practices that are performed at regular intervals. The scope of these functions is quite broad, entailing a host of actions on a wide variety of equipment. Unfortunately the breadth of these testing and inspection tasks can often cause critical elements of a system, such as fire water supply, to be overshadowed. Adequate fire water supply is essential to the operation of water-based fire protection systems, yet many facilities are not aware that their supply may be insufficient for optimal performance.

Why is Sufficient Fire Water Supply Important?

Fire water supply is the lifeblood of fire protection systems and when demand exceeds supply, the consequences can be disastrous.

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F.E. Moran Special HazardSystems has recently received contracts to perform a range of services in several power generating plants:

DC Cook Nuclear Plant - Bridgman, MI

Replaced three existing transformers on the Unit 2 GSU Transformer Deluge Systems.

Duke Energy - East Bend, KY

To meet current NFPA 12 code, updated carbon dioxide fire suppression system. This includes updating to an addressable fire alarm system, adding a network annunciator, and replacing the CO2 master and selector valves.

Edgewater Generating Station - Sheboygan, WI

Designed and installed fire protection system for ID fan area.

Note:  F.E. Moran Special Hazard Systems worked on on the ID fan area.  They were uninvolved with the area of the plant that experienced a fire in November, 2012.

Navajo Generating Station - Navajo Indian Reservation near Page, AZ

Replaced transformer fire protection system.


Service Contracts:

BP Whiting Refinery - Whiting, IN

Hoosier Energy Unit 1 Turbine - Bloomington, IN

Merom Power Plant - Sullivan, IN

Plum Point Energy - Osceola, AR




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Spotlight on Safety

Reduce Injury with JSA

In a power generating plant, everyday tasks can turn into a danger. When carrying out a specific construction duty, a Job Safety Analysis (JSA) should be completed to ensure the highest regard is given to safety.

A JSA forces an individual to keep safety at the forefront of their mind. The first step is to think about each task involved in completing the specific job. While doing a mental run-through of the task, consider the possible hazards that may occur. Once all possible hazards have been identified, recommend actions or procedures to take to avoid or eliminate those risks. By taking the time to consider all possible hazards and their solutions, everyone involved will know how to complete the job the safest way possible.

If a JSA is not available, it is simple to create.

(Click here to see what a JSA should include.)


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