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Gulf Coast Office - Fire Protection Solutions for Chemical Processing Facilities

Implementing a fire protection system in chemical processing facilities is an intricate process that requires thorough understanding of the industry. Designing, fabricating and installing fire protection systems for plants requires consideration for challenges such as plant process configurations and the hazards associated with specific equipment and chemicals in the facility. Gulf Coast Office has extensive experience installing fire protection systems in a vast range of facilities and has earned a reputation as a contractor who is intimately familiar with the complex chemical process facilities in the Gulf Coast region.

Turnkey Solutions - Proficiency in Every Step of Fire Protection System Implementation

Gulf Coast Office can deliver a complete turnkey package that includes the initial planning and budgeting stages through installation and ongoing maintenance.

Accurate budget estimates - Gulf Coast Office supports numerous clients with budget estimates to support plant planning processes
Advanced design methodologies for complex applications - Gulf Coast Office utilizes cutting-edge AutoCAD-based 3D modeling applications to design systems that will conform to challenging environments
Skilled installation crews - the well-trained, experienced installation personnel that Gulf Coast Office provides are continuously recognized for their knowledge, craftsmanship and work ethic
Efficient project management - through well-established project management systems, Gulf Coast Office keeps projects on track and avoids unexpected obstacles
Professional testing, inspection and maintenance programs - plants receive peace of mind that ITM work is performed in accordance with industry requirements and can also receive consulting support to help prioritize future activities

Knowledgeable Personnel - Applying Direct Experience to Every Project

Gulf Coast Office is thoroughly informed in every aspect of fire protection system implementation in chemical processing plants and approaches every project with prior relevant experience that helps develop project methodologies.

Thorough understanding of current codes and industry best practice - facilities can be assured that all of the work that Gulf Coast Office performs is in accordance with codes because of their intimate familiarity with the most current industry standards and best practices used in the industry
Meeting demanding timelines - it is common operating procedure to work within rigid plant turnaround schedules; by drawing upon a very deep labor pool of experienced craftsmen and using relevant experience to guide processes, Gulf Coast Office can accomplish significant project activities in compressed time periods
Unmatched experience with new and retrofit systems - the cumulative experience of Gulf Coast Office's personnel is unparalleled in the industry, which gives them the ability to draw upon their experience for a high quality result
Constructive relationships with AHJ's and insurance companies - Gulf Coast Office has a successful track record working with AHJ's and insurance companies, helping facilities achieve compliance with regulations and client-specific requirements with authorities having jurisdiction

Breadth of Expertise - Fire Protection for Every Facet of Chemical Processing Facilities

Every area within a chemical processing plant requires unique fire protection solutions that are designed specifically for the hazards inherent to the chemicals or equipment in the area. Gulf Coast Office has the knowledge and expertise to implement fire protection solutions that protect every aspect of chemical processing plants:

- Process/Control Equipment
- Vessels and Structures
- Reactors
- Process Buildings
- Material Transfer and Storage
- Cooling Towers

Versatile Systems - Implementing the Appropriate System for Every Application

A comprehensive fire protection solution is comprised of a wide range of systems to protect the chemical processing plant from various hazards. Gulf Coast Office has proficiency in implementing all types of systems, including:

- Protection and Suppression
      • Fixed water sprinkler / spray
      • Clean Agents - FM200, Novec, CO2, Sapphire
      • Aerosols - Stat-X
      • Water Mist
      • Low & High Expansion Foam
      • Dry Chemical - Ansul Pre-engineered
      • Fire Extinguishers - Portable & Wheeled
      • Underground / Supply piping
      • Hydrants, Monitors, Hose & PIV's
      • Fire Pumps
- Fire water supply
- Fire Alarm and Detection (addressable & analog)
      • Mass Notification
      • Local and Site-wide alarm
      • Panels & Networking
      • Heat, Smoke, VESDA
      • UV/IR
      • Fixed Gas Detection Systems
- Gas Detection - Personnel
      • PID's (single & multi-gas)
- Emergency communication

Gulf Coast Office Safety

- Safety Products
      • PPE - Hard hats, safety glasses, gloves and FRC
      • First Aid kits and supplies
      • Fall protection
      • Level suits, gloves & boots
      • Emergency Showers & Eyewash stations
      • Emergency Lighting
- Respiratory Protection
      • SCBA
      • ELSA / Escape packs
      • Respirators
      • Cascade systems
      • Supplied Air


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