Industrial and Chemical Plants

Wood River - Oil Refinery

The new Coker Structure required F.E. Moran to design and build site specific deluge systems delivering large volumes of water into the Coker Structures and surrounding equipment. 

Wood RiverLocation: Alton, IL
Construction Manager: Bechtel
Owner: Conoco Phillips
Date: January 2007 - August 2012
Scope: Implemented deluge water spray systems for the plant's new coker project.

Deluge Water Spray Systems:

    • CBS offgas booster compressor/heavy recycle/ lite stop oil
    • LCGO/HCGO/FZGO product/fractionator reflux
    • LCGO PA/HCGO PA/furnance charge
    • Interstage drum naphtha
    • Stripper feed/debutanizer bottoms/ debutanizer reflux/LPG coalescar/C3 and C4 splitter reflux
    • Cutting deck
    • Unheading deck
    • Switch deck
    • Vacuum feed
    • HVGO PA/LVGO/diesel
    • VTB
    • Stabilizer reflux/dehexanizer/ dehexanizer reflux feed

Hastings Extraction/Fractionation Plant: 180,000 MCF/day Natural Gas Processing, Fractionates up to 500,000 gallons/day

On this project, FE Moran SHS worked closely with plant personnel to provide forty-two deluge systems specifically designed to meet the special detection and system sequence requirement of the plant within the project's schedule.

HastingsLocation: Pine Grove, WV
Owner: Dominion Transmission
Date: March 2004 - August 2005
Scope: Provided fire suppression systems for a wide range of equipment, including:

  • Deluge Systems:
    Mole seive towers, inlet filters, dry gas filter skid, regeneration compressor skid, de-ethanizer tower and reboiler, de-ethanizer reflux skid, turbo expander skid and oil cooler, cold separator, cold box, JT valve skid, absorber tower, absorber skid, cold relief, knockout tank, iso-butane treater skid, overhead fin-fan cooler area, hot oil heater tank and pump area, depropanizer reboiler skid, depropanizer tower, old debutanizer, gasoline treaters, natural gasoline pump area-bens, reflux skid, new debutanizer, gasoline reboiler, drip fractionating tower, C4 splitter, debutanizer/splitter reboiler, drip gasoline reflux pumps, drip gasoline feed tank, propane truck loading areas
  • FM200 Systems:
    MCC's, compressor control building and PDC Building
  • Underground Fire Water Supply and Hydrants

REC Silicon - Silicon Chemical Plant

The breadth of experience that F.E. Moran has accumulated in the chemical process industry gave Fluor Enterprises the confidence that they could effectively complete the project.  F.E. Moran was successful in employing alarm, detection and suppression systems for the new addition to the plant, completing the work on schedule.

Location: Moses Lake, WA
Construction Manager: Fluor Enterprises
Owner: REC
Date: March 2009 - Jan. 2011
Scope: Installed fire protection, alarm and detection systems for new equipment/bldgs for an addition to existing chemical plant, including:

  • Wet Pipe Systems:
    Maintenance building and silane compressor building 
  • Deluge Systems:
    Maintenance building, silane compressor building, silane loading building, reactor structure, hydrogen recycle compressor, vessels containing hazardous materials such as metal chloride, hot oil heaters
  • Valve Houses were provided for the facility
  • Fire Alarm Systems throughout the new areas such as horn/strobes, pull stations, detection, fire panels

BP - Whiting Refinery Modernization Project: Petroleum Refinery

FE Moran was chosen to complete the work due to their understanding of the hazards, willingness to propose and implement innovative solutions and recommendations, and familiarity with the local workforce and environment.

Location: Whiting, IN
Construction Manager: Fluor Enterprises
Owner: British Petroleum
Date: October, 2009 - March, 2012
Scope: Design, 3D model and installation of fire protection systems for refinery equipment, including furnishing blast resistant deluge valve enclosures. 

Electrically Actuated Deluge Systems:
Refinery product distribution pump sets, flashed crude exchangers, air cooled heat exchangers, gas compressors, lube oil units, egress stair towers

Marathon Petroleum Michigan Refining Division - Detroit Heavy Oil Upgrade Project (DHOUP)

FE Moran worked with plant personnel and consultants to ensure implementation of fire protection systems with minimal impact on plant operations.

Location: Detroit, MI
Constructor: Fluor Constructors
Owner: Marathon Petroleum Company, LLC
Date: September, 2010 - June, 2012
Scope: Designed and installed fire detection and suppression systems for refinery

  • Electrically Actuated Deluge Systems:
    Coke handling conveyors and associated material handling structures, coker derrick structure (structural steel protection), coker structure switch deck, cutting deck, unheading deck and coke chutes, refinery product distribution pump sets, egress stair towers
  • Class I Dry Standpipe for air cooler platform
  • Manual Foam Systems for petroleum tank farms
  • Fire Alarm Systems for sulfur unit and occupied areas of coke handling area

Galmish Loading and Storage Facility: Propane, Butane and Isobutane plant

This project required FE Moran SHS to provide a F500 foam system along with other supporting components to meet the needs of the facility.

GalmishLocation: Pine Grove, WV
Owner: Dominion Transmission
Date: May 2006 - November 2006
Scope: Installed foam deluge and detection on rail spur loading racks. Project included:

  • Deluge Systems:
    Rail spur, truck loading water curtain, valve house
  • Valve Houses for truck and rail systems
  • Underground for truck and rail valve houses
  • Fire Hydrants

MGP Riga: Ethanol Production Facility

FE Moran SHS's understanding of the unique protection requirements of an ethanol production facility, and its strong track record of working closely with local authorities, make it the perfect partner for this job.

Location: Riga, MI
Constructor: TIC
Owner: Midwest Grain Processors
Date: January 2006 - May 2007
Scope: Installed fire protection, alarm and detection system for ethanol facility. Project included:

  • Wet Pipe Sprinkler Systems:
    Main process building, maintenance building, control/lab/office areas, pump house, fermentation building
  • Foam Deluge Systems for DD&E building
  • Fire Pump and Pump Enclosure
  • Fire Detection and Alarm Systems throughout the facility

Pinal Energy Project: Ethanol Production Facility

FE Moran SHS's successful relationship with the constructor of this project, along with a strong background in ethanol production facilities, helped it land this job.

PinalLocation: Maricopa, AZ
Constructor: TIC
Owner: Pinal Energy LLC
Date: May 2006 - August 2007
Scope: Provided fire suppression, alarm and detection systems for new ethanol production facility. Project included:

  • Wet Pipe Sprinkler Systems
    Main Process, fermentation, offices, maintenance, DDGS, boiler buildings and grain tunnel
  • Deluge System (Automatic) for DD&E structure
  • Deluge Systems (Manual) for dryer structure
  • Foam Systems for ethanol storage tanks
  • Foam Monitors at storage yard containment

Agri-Energy: Ethanol Production Facility

With the help of its strong relationships with constructors and local authorities, FE Moran SHS completed this project successfully and on time.

Location: Hopkinsville, KY
Constructor: Fagen Inc.
Owner: Commonwealth Agri-Energy
Date: November 2003 - February 2004
Scope: Installed fire suppression, alarm and detection systems. Project included:

  • Wet Pipe Sprinkler Systems:
    Chiller building, process building and energy center building
  • Dry Pipe Systems for process auxiliary building
  • Alarm and Detection Systems:
    Chiller, Process and Energy Center Buildings


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