F.E. Moran Special Hazard Systems meticulously prepares for every project to subsequently achieve seamless installation of an effective fire protection system that meets the facility's individual needs. Every installation is completed by highly-trained crews who have applicable experience and practice stringent safety methods.

Expert Installation- Safe, Precise and Quality Execution

  • Highly skilled installers - F.E. Moran has a network of experienced union field personnel as well as strong working relationships with autonomous sprinkler fitter locals, all of whom are highly proficient in plant applications
  • Installation in complex settings - F.E. Moran's installation crews have experience installing fire protection systems in the most intricate settings such as complex turbine areas
  • Conformity with industry standards - every fire protection system is installed in accordance with the most current NFPA standards and other industry guidelines
  • Safety as a priority - throughout the course of every project, installers participate in weekly safety meetings to ensure that best practices for safety are employed at all times
  • Quality workmanship - a rigorous Quality Assurance program is followed in every aspect of all projects, especially during the installation phase






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