Inspection, Testing and Maintenance

A comprehensive fire protection system can protect a plant and its valuable assets in the event of a fire. However, if a system is not routinely tested, inspected and maintained, there is a possibility that it will not be functioning optimally when an emergency occurs, putting lives and property at risk. F.E. Moran's inspection, testing and maintenance services can provide the peace of mind that systems are fully operational when they are needed.

Save Time and Money - While Protecting People, Plant and Production

  • Preventing problems - identifying and resolving potential issues before they escalate helps prevent serious problems
  • Saving money - making a small investment in regular preventive maintenance eliminates the costs associated with large-scale corrective maintenance
  • Eliminating false alarms - regular inspection, testing and maintenance of alarm systems significantly reduces the burden and hassle of false alarms

Established and Streamlined Processes - for Effective Testing and Inspection

  • Expert technicians - F.E. Moran's experienced technicians have a thorough understanding of fire protection equipment and its operation, allowing them to accurately test and inspect systems
  • Proven testing and inspection processes - over the past five decades, F.E. Moran has perfected these methods and documentation, resulting in the most effective processes.
  • Single point of contact - working with F.E. Moran for inspection and testing needs eliminates the hassle and expense of coordinating with multiple vendors

Compliance with Industry and Corporate Guidelines - Helping Facilities Achieve Standards

  • In-depth knowledge of industry standards - well-versed on the most current industry standards and interpretation of their application
  • Post-inspection summaries - corporate or risk management can better assess system condition and support long-range planning

Instant Access to All Documentation - via F.E. Moran's Secure Client Portal

  • Instant access to centralized information - drawings, equipment lists, inspection reports and other relevant information is at the plant staff's fingertips
  • Simplified audits - insurance or regulatory audits are far more efficient when all of the relevant information is readily available
  • Streamlined system management - ordering spare parts, inventory and future budgeting are more straightforward with easy access to documentation
  • In depth trend analysis - the ability to easily review consistent annual reports makes it possible to identify system trends and issues so that appropriate measures can be taken in the future


See a Demonstration of F.E. Moran's Client Portal

Client Portal Demonstration



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