TestimonialPower Generating Industry - Mitigating Risk Through Targeted Fire Protection

The risks and hazards that are unique to power generating plants must be factored into every aspect of a fire protection system. Boiler buildings, fuel handling systems, turbine areas and electrical equipment all demand specific methods of detection and suppression to achieve an optimally effective protection system. With experience providing comprehensive fire protection solutions that spans five decades, F.E. Moran Special Hazard Systems is intimately familiar with the intricacies of every type of power generating facility.

Chemical Processing Industry - Detection and Suppression for Complex Environments

Implementing fire protection systems for chemical processing facilities requires a deep understanding of the process equipment, materials and hazards associated with the specific plant type. F.E. Moran has the experience and knowledge that are essential for designing, fabricating and installing systems in the most complex and geometrically challenging applications. F.E. Moran has the experience and training necessary to safely perform work in high-security and high-risk areas of the plant with limited oversight by plant personnel.

Heavy Industry - Effective Solutions That Meet Industry Requirements

Heavy industry sites such as LNG, hazardous waste and mines are regulated by strict industry requirements associated with the industry. F.E. Moran has a wide breadth of experience providing fire protection solutions for an extensive array of heavy industry facilities, working with corporate risk management personnel and satisfying the local authorities having jurisdiction to meet applicable industry standards.


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