Nuclear Generating Plants

North Anna Power Station: 1786 MW 

The plant owner and operating staff's confidence in FE Moran SHS's abilities led to numerous projects to support the fire protection needs of North Anna and other Dominion nuclear generation facilities.

North AnnaLocation: Mineral, VA
Owner: Dominion
Date: June 2004 - April 2006
Scope: Provide personnel, materials, and equipment necessary to design and install Main Transformer Fixed Spray FP System Modification.

icon North Anna Nuclear Generating Station Case Study

Browns Ferry Nuclear Station: 3440 MW

FE Moran SHS's experience with cooling tower protection systems and its ability to successfully perform work in a nuclear power generating facility helped it land this job.

Location: North Alabama
Contractor: Garnett Electric
Owner: TVA
Date: March 2007 - June 2007
Scope: Designed and furnished fire alarm panel and protectowire detection system for a 16 cell Cross-flow Cooling Tower.

DC Cook Nuclear Station: 2155 MW

FE Moran SHS understands the requirements of working at nuclear facilities and has demonstrated the ability to respond quickly to the plant's needs. On this project, FE Moran SHS offered expertise in protecting a plant transformer being installed during a tight outage schedule window.

Location: Bridgman, MI
Owner: Indiana Michigan Power Co./ AEP
Date: February 2003 - March 2003
Scope: Provided labor and material to support the removal of the fire protection system of the damaged Unit 1 main transformer, and installation of the fire protection system for the replacement transformer.


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