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Ongoing inspection, testing and maintenance is essential to assuring the highest level of functionality of fire protection systems. Through regular testing, inspection and maintenance, facilities can achieve the peace of mind that suppression, alarm and detection systems are fully operational and ready to perform at all times. F.E. Moran Plant Services offers plants a range of services to help facilities achieve their fire protection goals and remain in compliance with industry standards.

Maintenance - Minimizing Costs and Downtime

  • Preventive maintenance to avert substantial problems - F.E. Moran's experienced professionals use cutting-edge technology to identify and resolve issues before they evolve into serious problems
  • Repairing equipment for optimal functionality - when an problem arises with a piece of equipment, F.E. Moran's knowledgeable personnel are able to resolve problems quickly and effectively, minimizing downtime
  • Reducing costs through preventive maintenance - costs are significantly reduced when facilities eradicate problems through proactive maintenance as opposed to managing the subsequent problems associated with reactive maintenance
  • Eliminating false alarms - through proper maintenance of alarms, the occurrence of false alarms is substantially reduced, eliminating time-consuming disruptions

Testing and Inspections - Proven Processes for Industry Compliance

  • Ensure compliance with industry and corporate standards - with extensive knowledge of industry standards and employees who participate in NFPA code committees, F.E. Moran can determine the best way to keep facilities in compliance with industry and corporate standards
  • Instant access to testing and inspection documentation - all documentation is readily available to plant staff via the web with F.E. Moran's secure client portal, making it easier to order spare parts, review reports and have information readily available for corporate or insurance audits
  • Streamlined processes - the methods used by F.E. Moran have evolved over time into efficient and effective processes that encompass all of the critical aspects of inspection and testing
  • Successful track record with AHJ's and insurance companies - F.E. Moran has a wealth of experience working with AHJ's and insurance companies throughout the country and understand the measures that facilities must take to meet specific requirements

Training - Educating Staff to Perform ITM Functions Internally

  • Customized training program - the most knowledgeable personnel in the industry can provide a training program tailored to the plant's specific needs, providing plant-specific O&M manuals and teaching plant staff to perform service themselves thereby reducing the plant's reliance on outside service providers
  • Investing in plant staff for future returns - teaching plant staff to conduct inspection and testing eliminates the need for an outside vendor, saving the plant money and improving response time when problem arise
  • In-house maintenance for cost savings and enhanced system performance - performing repairs and preventive maintenance internally saves costs and minimizes downtime by alleviating reliance on external service providers

Support - Helping Plants Keep Fire Protection Systems Operational 24/7

  • Support any time of day - when problems occur in the middle of the night or weekends, F.E. Moran's experts can provide the support that is needed to keep systems operational at any hour
  • Expertise and experience to resolve issues - through decades of experience, F.E. Moran's support center team has acquired the knowledge to provide assistance to plant staff who have encountered nearly any type of fire protection issue
  • Internal troubleshooting - F.E. Moran can provide the support and guidance that plant staff may need to make repairs internally, thereby eliminating the need to outsource maintenance work and improve response time


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