Project Management

Installing and maintaining a fire protection system is a major undertaking that requires a high level of organization, in-depth knowledge of the environment and understanding of relevant industry standards. The experienced project managers at F.E. Moran Special Hazard Systems are dedicated to providing timely solutions that are not only code compliant but fit the specific needs of the customer.

Knowledgeable Project Managers - Delivering Turnkey Solutions

  • One point of contact - from budgeting to design to installation, F.E. Moran's project managers handle every aspect of the project so that plants need only interface with a single unified point of contact
  • Compliance with industry standards - seasoned project managers are intimately familiar with relevant industry and insurance standards, ensuring that all systems are in compliance with regulations
  • Implementing customized solutions - every plant has unique needs that require a personalized solution; F.E. Moran's project managers are committed to implementing solutions that achieve the facility's specific goals for fire protection
  • Meeting timelines - project managers follow a streamlined process that has been developed over many years to meet and exceed demanding timelines or work within scheduled outages


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