TestimonialSince 1979, F.E. Moran Special Hazard Systems has provided comprehensive fire protection solutions for a diverse range of facilities across the globe. The experience that F.E. Moran has amassed from completing thousands of projects throughout the United States and 26 different countries is evident in the quality of their work. From multi-billion dollar power plants to small waste-recovery facilities, F.E. Moran has the expertise to implement fire protection systems that protect people, plant and production.


Fossil Fuel Generating Plants

Sandy CreekF.E. Moran's experience providing fire suppression and detection systems for fossil fuel generating plants is unparalleled. In the countless applications F.E. Moran has completed, they have designed comprehensive systems that protect every aspect of fossil fuel generating plants, with consideration for variables such as spontaneous combustion and challenging equipment such as conveyors, car dumpers and trippers.
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Combustion Turbine Generating Plants

Combustion TurbineThe unique hazards presented by combustion turbine plants demand solutions that are specific to each individual hazard. F.E. Moran uses advanced 3D modeling applications to design complex areas such as turbine underfloors and turbine mezzanines. Multiple levels of fire suppression and a variety of robust chemical and water-based systems are employed to protect plants from dangerous fires originating from hazards like fuel oil or hydrogen seal oil.
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Combined Cycle Generating Plants

Harry AllenDeveloping a multi-faceted fire protection scheme that involves many layers of suppression and various methods of detection is often necessary for combined cycle generating plants.  F.E. Moran has successfully installed comprehensive fire protection systems in many combined cycle plants, working with AHJs to ensure that industry requirements are met.
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Nuclear Generating Plants

Nuclear Generating PlantsDesigning, fabricating and installing fire protection systems successfully in nuclear generating plants requires thorough understanding of the stringent and extensive standards that apply to these facilities. F.E. Moran's personnel have the in-depth knowledge that is required to remain in compliance with NFPA and plant QA requirements while providing the utmost level of fire protection in these high-risk environments.
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Industrial/Chemical Plants

Industrial/Chemical PlantsComplex configurations, hazardous materials and restricted site access are just a sampling of the challenges that F.E. Moran has encountered when implementing fire protection systems in industrial and chemical plant environments. F.E. Moran's skilled crews have a wealth of experience installing systems in a vast array of applications and have the appropriate experience and training to perform work in high-security or high risk areas.
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International Projects

InternationalDesigning and installing effective fire protection systems requires knowledge and experience; completing these projects in international settings demands an even higher level of expertise. F.E. Moran has successfully designed, fabricated and installed systems in 26 different countries across the world. Their extensive network of qualified personnel affords them the ability to complete projects and surpass expectations in all corners of the globe.
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