Providing the Tools You Need to Protect Your Plant

Maintaining the many facets of a fire protection system can be a complex, time-consuming and overwhelming task. The resources on F.E. Moran Special Hazard Systems' website provide a roadmap for faciliites trying to navigate the ITM realm of fire protection systems, helping ensure that systems are operating at peak performance when they are put into use.

Inspection Resources

Outlines requirements and provides detailed instructions for performing ITM functions at various time intervals 

Plant Survey Outline

Offers comprehensive guidance for performing plant surveys, ensuring all the necessary information is recorded appropriately 

Articles and Educational Resources

Providing insightful information on a wide range of topics, these articles and resources explore issues that plants face on a regular basis

Industry Information

Definitions of terminology, links to industry associations and other resources can all be found in one place with F.E. Moran's Industry Information page

Case Studies

Examples of how F.E. Moran has helped facilities overcome unique challenges through innovative design, installation and project management are highlighted within their case studies


Resource Center
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