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This quarter we are featuring an article focused on a trend we have been seeing: the surge of gas-fired power plants. With the low cost of natural gas and the cleaner fuel choice, gas-fired power plants are quickly becoming the king of power generation. However, with this surge, we see a need to revisit the fire hazards found in gas-fired power plants.


Our article, "The Ultimate Guide to Gas-Fired Power Plant Fire Hazards" explains the ins and outs of gas-fired power plant fire hazards. We hope that this article educates property owners and managers on the fire hazards within gas-fired power plants and how to mitigate them.





Daryl Bessa

President, F.E. Moran Special Hazard Systems


The Ultimate Guide to Gas-fired Power Plant Fire Hazards

Gas-fired power plants are growing in popularity.  Canada has already begun to phase out coal-fired power plants in favor of gas-fired power plants.  Gas is less expensive and a cleaner form of fuel than coal.  However, with a surge in gas-fired power plants being built, a closer look needs to be taken on the fire hazards within these plants.

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Fires at Construction Sites - A Spotlight on Safety

Every 20 seconds a fire department is called to a fire in the United States.  Construction sites have an abundance of fire hazards that make fires a very real risk.  Property loss is estimated at $9.8 billion a year, and the US Fire Administration believes that construction site fires have an even bigger loss.  With a lack of detection, protection, and even more hazards - fires can devastate a construction site. 

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Q2 2015 Projects & Service Awards


 Ammonia Tank | Delaware

 Cooling Tower | California

Chemical Plant | Oklahoma

Power Unit | Oklahoma

Transformer | Maryland

 Transformer | Virginia

 Fuel Oil Tanks | Delaware

 FLNG Ship | Mobile

 Cooling Tower | Illinois

Turbine Underfloor | Missouri

Power Station | North Dakota

Condenser | Louisiana

LNG Plant | West Virginia

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