TestimonialNothing is more important to F.E. Moran than safety. Over the past five decades, F.E. Moran has developed a safety program and strategy to ensure the safety of all parties involved in every project. It is through these best practices that F.E. Moran has achieved a safety rating that surpasses industry guidelines.

Safety as a Priority - Exceeding Industry Standards

  • Superior EMR rating - F.E. Moran goes well beyond the industry standard for safety with an Experience Modification Rate (EMR) of .56
  • Comprehensive safety program - with an objective of zero incidents, F.E. Moran's in-depth safety program includes job hazard analysis, electrical safety, fire protection, fall protection and personal protective equipment
  • Weekly safety meetings - throughout the course of a project, everyone involved participates in weekly training meetings in which potential hazards and appropriate safety procedures are examined
  • New hire safety training - all new employees who are hired in the midst of a project undergo extensive training






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