TestimonialF.E. Moran Special Hazard Systems provides turnkey solutions that include every aspect of fire protection system implementation from the design and planning to ongoing post-installation service. As a premier design-build contractor, F.E. Moran can be involved in every phase of system implementation and can provide continuing support to ensure that plants' fire protection systems will be operating at their fullest potential in the event of a fire.

Design -Techniques for Industry-Compliant Systems in Complex Environments

Power generating plants, chemical processing plants and heavy industrial facilities are very challenging environments that demand many industry-specific design techniques. F.E. Moran's designers utilize years of experience and the most advanced AutoCAD-based 3-D modeling applications to design systems for plant hazards and to navigate the abundance of obstructions found in most plants.

Project Management - Efficient Work Processes for Timely Completion

No two plants are alike and F.E. Moran's seasoned project managers are dedicated to making sure every plant's individual needs are met and are in compliance with relevant codes. Project managers adhere to a proven, streamlined process to ensure that work is performed efficiently and within timelines.

Installation - Safe and High Quality Workmanship by Expert Installers

F.E. Moran's extensive network of highly skilled installers has direct experience installing all types of fire protection systems in challenging environments. Installers are required to follow rigorous safety standards and a stringent Quality Assurance program to ensure that systems are installed according to best practices and in accordance with industry standards.

Inspection, Testing and Maintenance - Helping Plants Maintain Industry Standards

Remaining in compliance with the most current industry and corporate standards can be daunting. Over the past five decades F.E. Moran has perfected its inspection, testing and maintenance processes and securely stores all documentation in a customer web portal for instant access. An ongoing ITM plan can save facilities time and money while providing the peace of mind that fire protection systems are in compliance with NFPA and insurance standards.

Training - Investing in Plant Staff for More Effective Systems and Cost Savings

Regular inspection, testing and maintenance are critical to maintaining highly functional fire protection systems, but it can be costly and burdensome to outsource the work when an issue arises. The most knowledgeable personnel in the industry can train plant staff to perform many of these functions in-house, dramatically reducing the costs and increasing system reliability.

Support - Helping Keep Systems Operating Effectively 24/7

When problems arise during off hours, F.E. Moran is there to help plants stay protected. Pl

ant staff can reach out to F.E. Moran to help troubleshoot problems at any hour, eliminating the time and cost associated with service calls.

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