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No two facilities are identical, which means a customized solution must be developed to meet the fire protection needs of every individual plant. F.E. Moran Special Hazard Systems will work with the facility every step of the way- from the planning and designing stages through inspection and testing - to ensure that the right systems and support are in place for optimal protection. Training, 24/7 support and maintenance programs are all provided by F.E. Moran's expert personnel to make sure that systems are being utilized correctly and are operating at peak performance. 

Systems - Expert Implementation of the Entire Range of Alarm, Detection and Suppression Systems

The intricacies and nuances of fire protection in power generating plants, chemical plants and heavy industrial facilities make it a challenge to implement effective solutions that provide a cost-effective level of protection. A thorough understanding of the hazards that are present in these environments is necessary to implement the appropriate alarm, detection and suppression solution. F.E. Moran has the experience and knowledge that is required to design, fabricate and install the most cost-effective system for any facility to mitigate risk and protect valuable plant assets.



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