Plants require effective fire protection systems that are fully functional at all times. When a problem arises outside of business hours, it is critical that plant staff have a resource they can rely on to avoid allowing the plant's valuable assets to become vulnerable while a system is not fully functional.

24/7 Support Center - Protecting Plants Around the Clock

  • Using expertise to solve problems - deciphering system issues can be daunting, F.E. Moran Special Hazard Systems has the knowledge to resolve problems and keep systems functioning
  • Support any time of day - when issues occur in the middle of the night F.E. Moran is there to provide the expertise to fix the problem, rather than jeopardizing the plant's safety by waiting until normal business hours
  • Eliminating service calls - knowledgeable personnel help plant staff manage issues in-house, eliminating service calls from outside contractors and saving money
  • Reducing troubleshooting time - busy plant staff can reallocate the time spent troubleshooting system issues, improving workflow and productivity



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