Many of the hazards that can be found in power generating plants, chemical processing plants and industrial facilities are capable of producing fires that have the potential to be extremely destructive. The proper fire protection system can control fires within the early stages, mitigating loss and risk to human life. F.E. Moran Special Hazard Systems can design, fabricate and install the full breadth of fire protection systems, providing a comprehensive solution that protects every aspect of the facility.

Water-Based Systems - Implementing the Right System for Every Hazard

Electrical equipment, flammable liquids and high-temperature equipment all pose unique threats that require specialized solutions. Through proper implementation of targeted sprinkler systems such as preaction, deluge and water mist systems, F.E. Moran can help facilities protect every area within their plant.

Chemical Systems - Effective Fire Suppression without the Consequences of Water

In environments where human occupancy is not an issue or appropriate life safety measures can be taken, chemical systems can be very effective fire suppression solutions. F.E. Moran has a great deal of experience designing, fabricating and installing foam, clean agent and carbon dioxide systems for a wide range of applications.

Fire Water Supply - Developing Solutions for Complex Challenges

Although it is a vital component of fire suppression, fire water supply is often excluded from a contractor's scope of work due to the complex nature of implementing a solution. From underground to fire pumps and tanks, F.E. Moran has the expertise to provide comprehensive fire water systems in accordance with NFPA standards.

Detection Systems - Highly Functional Systems for Early Detection

F.E. Moran is well versed in all types of detection, including: heat sensing, smoke particle sensing, flame sensing, gas-sensing and pressure detectors; giving them the ability to install the best suited detection system for each individual hazard. The employment of an effective detection system can mitigate the damage incurred during a fire, if not evade a fire completely.

Alarm Systems - Designing and Installing Systems for Reliable Notice

An effective alarm system is comprised of many elements, from notification devices to Fire Alarm Control Panels (FACP's). F.E. Moran can design and install alarm systems in accordance with industry standards while minimizing the occurrence of false alarms.

Emergency Communication -Life Safety through Comprehensive Notification

In the event of a fire, an emergency communication system is instrumental in securing the well-being of inhabitants of the facility. When integrated with the plant's FACP, an emergency communication system can be automatically triggered to provide multiple layers of notification to protect the lives of plant personnel.


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