Third Quarter 2011 Newsletter


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This edition of the Plant Protection Report delves into the issue of working with aging fire alarm systems within power generating facilities. The article aims to guide plant personnel through proper evaluation of the systems' life cycle, allowing them to subsequently choose the appropriate course of action for their facility.


Brian Ramsey
F.E. Moran Special Hazard Systems

In This Issue

• Working with Old Fire Alarm Systems
• F.E. Moran Special Hazard Systems Receives Award for Outstanding Safety Record
• New Contracts

Working with Old Fire Alarm Systems

Old Fire Alarm SystemsEven in the best economic climates, many power generating and chemical processing plants
struggle to find the capital resources to invest in new fire alarm and detection systems. Times like these make it difficult to see beyond just operating and maintaining the plant production equipment. However, if a fire occurs on a piece of critical path equipment and the fire alarm or detection system's functionality is inadequate, the financial consequences associated with interrupted business can be devastating. It is imperative that the functional state of a facility's aging alarm and detection systems is not eclipsed by day to day operations because of the gravity of the consequences of substandard alarm and detection.
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F.E. Moran Special Hazard Systems Receives Award for Outstanding Safety Record

Three Rivers Safety AwardF.E. Moran Special Hazard Systems is a recipient of the Three Rivers Manufacturers' Association's (TRMA) safety recognition award for zero injuries recorded during their work at an AkzoNobel chemical plant in 2010. The TRMA is an organization that serves local manufacturers in the greater Chicago area, providing training and safety programs to help protect plants and their staff.


New Contracts




F.E. Moran Special Hazard Systems has recently received contracts to perform a range of services in several facilities:

Bayonne Energy Center - Bayonne, NJ: 512 MW
Natural Gas Plant
Design and installation of deluge sprinkler systems for the plant's transformers; alarm, detection and monitoring systems in various areas of the plant

Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System- Ivanpah, CA: 392 MW
Solar Thermal Power Facility
Design and installation of sprinkler, spray and detection systems for the steam turbine area, transformers and other critical areas of the plant as well as a facility-wide alarm network

Piedmont Green - Barnesville, GA: 53.5 MW
Biomass Plant
Providing sprinkler systems throughout the plant for areas that include steam turbine equipment and oil-related areas, in addition to alarm and detection systems across the facility

Service Contracts:

Merom Generating Station - Merom, IN: 1080 MW
Coal- Fired Plant
Testing and inspection of sprinkler systems, testing and maintenance of fire alarm system components, 24/7 support, fire system training and emergency services

Tilton Energy Center - Tilton, IL: 188 MW
Natural Gas Plant
Inspection and testing of sprinkler systems and alarm and detection systems throughout the facility

Clean Harbors Deer Park- Deer Park, TX
Incineration Facility
Inspection, testing and maintenance of all fixed water spray systems, alarm and detection equipment and fire suppression equipment

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