Regular inspection, testing and maintenance of fire detection and suppression systems is vital to protecting people, plant and production. Equally critical is the need for plant staff to understand the associated signals of fire protection equipment and how to appropriately respond. F.E. Moran Special Hazard Systems can impart their unparalleled knowledge to teach plant staff how to effectively inspect, test, maintain and interpret the signals of fire protection equipment.

Saving Money - Investing in Plant Staff

  • Reducing testing and inspection costs - performing testing and inspection functions in-house saves the cost of depending on an outside vendor
  • Minimizing maintenance costs - when plant staff conduct preventive maintenance on a regular basis system issues are less likely to escalate into expensive problems
  • In-house repairs - as the need for basic system repairs arise, plant staff can repair problems without having to outsource the maintenance work

Knowledgeable Plant Staff - Highly Functional Fire Protection Systems

  • Customized training program - plant staff receive comprehensive, hands-on training that is tailored to their particular plant as well as site-specific manuals for future reference
  • Preventive maintenance - educated plant staff know what to look for to keep systems functioning properly and avert major problems
  • Signal and alarm response - F.E. Moran can teach plant staff how to correctly interpret and react to signals and alarms from fire protection systems, helping keep the plant and its assets safe
  • Improved efficiency - the most knowledgeable personnel in the industry can teach plant staff how to resolve common system issues immediately, eliminating the wait time for external service providers





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